Alhamrani Universal Rebranding.

Brief: Alhamrani Universal is the oldest and biggest Saudi fintech solution provider and had asked us for a re-brand to reflect their modernity and ever-evolving ability to stay contemporary, as the brand’s products are modern while the old logo looked a bit dated. We were also briefed to provide and update social media content and strategy.

Solution: We developed a brand strategy first, the brand strategy helped us to understand where the brand wanted to be in a few years’ time. What customers and internal stakeholders felt about the brand. The learnings helped us to identify that we needed to change the brand name and elements needed for developing its identity. We changed Alhamrani Universal’s brand name to AU, as AU was more in line with the brand objectives and therefore, more scalable.

The development of AU’s brand identity was approached through an angle of ease, fluidity, continuity, and simplicity (the sentiment reflected by both external and internal stakeholders). We created the branding around the shape of the eclipse, which surrounds the AU initials. As the eclipse in nature represents the cyclical continuity of life, we built AU’s brand around it to represent timelessness and cohesiveness (its heritage). We also created the social media hashtag #AuBehindTodaysLifestyle to reflect the brand’s universality.

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