Since its launch, Titan Super GT has been a great success at 20W50 grade. However, due to a lack of marketing and awareness focus, the 10W30 grade variant has been less successful in terms of sales and market penetration. Some contributing factors for this included product confusion amongst consumers, and similarly packaged competitor products.

What is now required is a Tactical Campaign, to both raise awareness of Titan SuperGT, and to educate as to its features, benefits, and differences.

Our campaign approach kept creative imagery to a minimum, focusing rather on the product, its attributes, and features – treating the campaign as an exercise of public announcement. Aside from awareness, the objective was to give the audience “reasons to believe” in, seek out and try the product.

Our objective was to appeal to both knowledgeable motorists, those who are aware of the varied grades, and to those who may be somewhat ignorant, but will be attracted by our clear feature and benefits messaging.

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